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What we do

The Knowledge Platform is composed of three integrated and interdependent pillars. Combined, it creates an innovative approach to promote Human Rights practice in the field.​

These pillars are divided into programmes with two main goals: the integration among people; and to collect, share and promote the reuse of knowledge.​​

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Knowledge Network programmes

Three pillars:​

  1. Yellow pages: It is a “wiki” database presented as a catalogue of services, institutions and specialists divided by theme, geolocation and other relevant information.​

  2. Know-how: using knowledge management techniques to record good practices and lessons learned using different media, such as webinars and reports.​

  3. Know-Who: This knowledge network crown the virtuous cycle to connect specialists worldwide.​​


Knowing each other and knowing whom to turn to, the institutions and practitioners will be more capable to achieve their goals by using less time and resources.​

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