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Invest in a programme that brings the world's best of Human Rights innovation

Image credits: Étienne-Maurice Falconet Seated Cupid 1757 / Planetary Collaboration studio

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Do you believe the Third Sector could be more productive and less bureaucratic? 


Is quite common that organizations and their staff are isolated doing their daily tasks. In many cases, they are doing duplicated work and trying to reinvent the wheel. This means spending more time and resources than needed.​

At this initial moment, we are allocating the resources to build the Knowledge Network platform. The goal is to promote the recording of good practices and innovations to be reused by other organizations.​

What is the expected result? 

Organizations doing better and using fewer resources since the first attempt.​

||   Your participation is essential!

With your support, we are strengthening a virtuous cycle

for the reuse of knowledge and cocreating a multi-stakeholder platform that fosters a more accurate and productive work in the third sector worldwide.​

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